Friday, March 30, 2007

Don't Consult with Those People; Just Take Their Pittance and Sinn Fein It

Yesterday afternoon, Garland Robinette was interviewing Mister Donald Powell, the man put in charge of Gulf Coast Recovery. Garland asked Mister Powell if he had been consulted about the new city recovery plan that will focus on 17 areas. Mister Powell said he had not and had not been invited to the press conference announcing the plan.

Garland got sarcastic and horrified that Nagin and Blakeley had not brought Powell in on this. Powell did not seem upset at all, emphasizing that he and feds are happy with a recovery that is locally planned and driven.

Now, I am no fan of Nagin, but I have this to say to Garland and anybody else who thinks we should be consulting with the feds on everything we do:

President Bush and his hack cronies have had every opportunity to drive this recovery with funding and a sense of urgency and priority. They refuse, ignore, and mislead. As I've said before: This region needs FDR, and we get Warren Harding or Millard Filmore.

1.President Bush says we've gotten $110 billion for recovery, when everybody knows that's for the whole region, not for New Orleans, and a good bit of it is insurance payments that our citizens paid premiums for.

2. He refused to mention us in the State of the Union. He actively opposes our getting the same waiver on the 10 percent rule that everybody else has gotten in lesser disasters.

3.He has refused to spearhead fundamental reform of the Army Corps of Engineers. (Read the article in Gambit this week about the pumps. You'll vomit.)

4. President Bush has "philosophically" committed to a market-driven, limited-government recovery, and he has Mayor Nagin talking the same line. (This will go down in history as a mark of laziness and lack of willpower and head-in-the-sandism, not as an intellectual commitment.)

So this is an underfunded recovery overseeen (NOT) by cynical and distracted federal "leaders."

No, Garland, we shouldn't consult with these people. We should take the money that they nudge to our local market-driven recovery, and we should do whatever the hell we want with it.

We should build a military force with it, if we really want to get their attention.

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ashley said...

A military force...there's a thought.