Tuesday, March 20, 2007

ESPN.com - INSIDER - Andy Katz Blog

ESPN.com - INSIDER - Andy Katz Blog


Mr. Clio said...

There might have been a bit more local interest if LSU, Tulane, or even UNO had good years like they have in the past. But they were all disappointing. College b'ball just didn't get people's attention. Of course, it didn't help that the Saints season lasted uncharacteristically long.

Given the choice, I'll take very long Saints seasons. (Yes, I know Mrs. Mel would consider me a loser for not going to see the Gators.)

gingerschnapps said...

Yeah, you got dat right Clio!

Puddinhead said...

Hmmm...and here I was assuming that there was practically no way to get tickets at the last minute--that if you hadn't ordered them ahead of time, you were out of luck. Wonder how many others had made that same assumption?