Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fix This NOW, Google

So Congress, the Associated Press, and other bloggers are now noticing what Clio and Melpomene noticed months ago.

Can you imagine the immediate outcry if Google Maps still had New York's World Trade Center in its pictures? And yet this drags on for a much worse disaster.

I smell evil.

This is the beautiful school where I used to work in St. Bernard Parish. Or at least this is what Google wants you to think that it looks like. Trust me: it doesn't look like this any more, after 8 feet of water washed through it. Last time I went there, there was a leathery, preserved fish sitting in dried mud near the front door.

UPDATE: You tell 'em, Mr. Milling. The Corps and President Bush want to treat coastal restoration like some sort of regular project. If the feds don't help us (or at least STAY OUT OF THE WAY), Google Maps will just be showing open water in 20 years in south Louisiana:

"When we started this in 2001, the first thing on the table was what to do with business as usual," Milling said. "And if it's business as usual now as far as the corps is concerned, we might as well move everybody out of south Louisiana and say the hell with it. We understand we don't have all the answers, and we understand that we're not going to get them.But the risk of not beginning now is the destruction of south Louisiana."

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