Friday, March 23, 2007

Follow-Up Question from Mr. Clio Following Mr. Mel's Post

Question to all you people arming yourselves:

What is more likely?

A) You will use the gun you've bought to kill an intruder or otherwise succesfully defend your home and family.

B) Someone in your home will use the gun you've bought to hurt or kill a member of your household, or to commit suicide.

HINT: What happened more often in New Orleans last year: suicide/domestic violence or defense of one's home with a handgun?


Mr. Melpomene said...

B) I nearly killed my brother when I was in the fifth grade in a stupid accident. That's why I never had a gun in my home. (My heirloom guns are locked in a vault in another state)

Mr. Clio said...

After watching the post levee failure chaos on TV, I was tempted to buy a gun, and I understand the impulse to. I get it.

I just don't have enough faith in my own vigilance around the young Clios, along with an occasional bout of my own anger, along with 8 Saints home games and a the beer I imbibe there. Guns mixed with all these factors just don't sound too good. Thus far, I've resisted.

TravelingMermaid said...

"You people" ?
I completely understand those who don't trust themselves or their anger with guns in the house. I'm glad they recognize they can't handle it. I grew up in the country around guns and rifles as do most rural kids. We were taught that guns were not toys and were not to be touched at all. My dad's gun rack was in my bedroom cuz we lived in a small house. I never once thought of touching it. I have shot a gun in practise under the tutelage of an expert gun handler. (is that a word?) I think the key to gun ownership is taking the classes, keeping in practise and teaching your children from a young age about guns. Responsibility and knowledge are key.
I think what happended in the days after Katrina exposed what can happen anywhere, yes even in the USA, when there's a breakdown in society and law enforcement cannot help you. I think people need to be prepared to defend themselves and their families. As much as you'd like to believe we are a civilized people - there are plenty of uncivilized, ruthless people and their sickness is simmering under the surface waiting for a chance to explode. Do I sound paranoid? No, I'm not. I'm a realist. I have first hand knowledge of things that happened after Katrina where it was a good thing a gun was owned.
Just to clarify, I'm normally more on the liberal side, but I don't think this is a liberal/conservative issue. It's a basic rights issue.

*steps down off soapbox*

Mr. Clio said...

In my post, do you hear me deny the right to own a gun?

I do know that I have the right to question whether it's a good idea. We're all grownups; people who buy guns ought to be hardy enough to listen to a few questions.

Mr. Melpomene said...

Never thought of the toxic combination of firearms and nearsighted NFL officials before, that's to be avoided for shore...

TravelingMermaid said...

Mr Clio, don't get me wrong. Absoloutely you have the right to question! I am very much hardy enough to listen. I'm still listening. I thought you wanted both points of view (question to all you people arming yourselves)and I didn't mean my comments to be.....whatever it is you might think they were. (the "soapbox" comment was in jest)

I suspect you don't often hear about people defending their homes because law-abiding responsible people dont go about waving their guns yelling "almost got me one!"

I think people who haven't grown up around firearms or been exposed to responsible gun ownership have a natural bias toward them. Especially if all they've seen are criminals with guns.

My feeling is I don't want the government telling me I can't have a gun anymore than I don't want them telling me I can't have an abortion or I can't marry someone of my own sex. None of these issues are the government's business. Yes, we are grown ups.