Monday, March 26, 2007

I Enjoyed the Couric-Edwards Interview

I thought Katie Couric asked the right questions, and I really liked the Edwards's answers.

John Edwards started his campaign in New Orleans. If there is one candidate who seems to get what's going on here, it is he. (Whether he would be effective in doing anything about it is a different question, given the people he would have to work with.)

Anyway, it's subject to change, but as of today I'm voting for the guy.

Of course, my recent votes have included the likes of Ralph Nader, Virginia Boulet, and Mitch Landrieu. And you know how all of that worked out.


Maitri said...

He doesn't get it. Weber and Obama come closer, but none of them will. The Ninth Ward gig was a photo op for Edwards and that's that.

Mr. Melpomene said...

Cancer is a scary thing to contemplate; I would probably have a hard time talking about it to my family, much less 60 minutes. I suspect they are still not 'coping' with the situation as perfectly as those on the outside might speculate/ conjecture. Nontheless, it will take its toll. And, in terms of loss, I'd gladly trade losing my house and stuff over facing the loss of my wife. The despair would be unfathomable.

saintseester said...

The way the primaries are structured in this country, I often never even get a chance to cast my vote for the one I like best. Now with California entering early, it will be decided the first week.