Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mayor Curly Is A Liar

Thanks to WDSU via the T-P, we can watch and listen to his recent speech.

Is there any doubt what "our people" means in this speech? Not to me.

Nagin's "assurances" that he was talking about all "our people" from New Orleans is utterly ridiculous.

Humid Haney is dead right. Nagin is Dubya. Dubya is Nagin.

Put Bush at Bob Jones University, and he becomes an anti-Catholic, homophobic bigot.

Put Nagin in front of conspiracy-minded African Americans, and he becomes a conspiracy-minded African American.

What's pathetic about both Nagin and Dubya is that after saying questionable things, they get in front of other people and act dumbfounded that people could "misinterpret" their comments.

Listen to Nagin's accent in the speech, then compare it to the way he speaks in a news interview with WWL or some other large outlet.

Listen to Bush in front of a Southern audience.

Gutless. Pandering. There's no there there.

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