Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No, 300 years of history says we'll make it, too.

Jeez, this poor bastard thinks New Orleans can't recover from a hurricane.

Just like in 1915, 1940, 1947, 1965 and 1969 we are just sitting on our ass and waiting for Brad and Angelina to fix everything.

I'm a little swamped, but if you'd like to let him in on a little cross cultural understanding, he's linked.


Maitri said...

Mel, look where he blogs. You give him too much credibility.

Leigh C. said...

Hah! The cyclone they're talking about has my dad's name. The storm that hit New Orleans has my mom's name.

Thanks, man. I've got a lot to atone for...

reliapundit said...


he just says they're whining to much and doing to little for themselves.

perhaps a better comparison woulda bin nola and missiissippi.

besides: all the people who were stuck in nola couldve gotten out.

besides: if the canal had been built mo' betta then nola would be AOK.

it was the canal that broke and not the hurricane dat did in nola.

dat and 100 years of utterly corrupt govt/police/public education. worse than DC.

i lived ion nola for 4 years.

i LOVE nawlins.

but i think she's on the wrong path to recovery. the same corrupt people are still runnin the show. and they will rebulld zip.

opr rebuild it badly.

sad, but. true.

all da bess!

TravelingMermaid said...

Wow. I'm impressed,reliapundit. Four whole years! Well that really makes you an expert of pre and post K New Orleans.

Regarding said post, as I said on my blog, it's sooooo easy to run your UNINFORMED mouth. So much easier than doing a little local reading and research. Every damn body is an "expert" in their own minds.

Same shit, 'nother day in Nola.

Maitri said...

TM, you can have lived in NOLA for four years and have informed opinions (case in point = me). It has more to do with where you look for your facts.

reliapundit is right on most accounts except for the "we're whining" while the rest aren't bit. That is misinformed.