Saturday, March 10, 2007

Piling On

I wanted to post, but I don't want to push Mr. Mel's vitally important post down the scroll, so I'm linking to it with this paragraph. Be sure to check it out.

I can't claim to be ready to file emotional bankruptcy, but the emotional credit card balances are awfully high. And the interest rates and minimum payments are going up.

Last week I learned that the region where I'm trying to raise four kids will have essentially dissolved into the salt water of the Gulf of Mexico within 10 years. By 2020, surf's up on Camp Street.

Now I'm reminded that if one of them gets sick or injured, I might get faster service by driving to another city for hospital care. (I can confirm from personal experience the dire situation in emergency rooms.)

Secession, a river blockade, a pipeline shutdown. Join me, Mr. Mel. I'll help you turn that anger outward, and I'll pay for the Rioja.

Lesson One: Donald Powell makes me want to vomit. On him. After an all-night binge of Ketel One screwdrivers and Hubig's Pies (peach, sweet potato, and banana). How's that for turning oneself inside out?

UPDATE: And another thing . . .
NPR led with this story a couple of days ago that essentially parroted the BGR's criticism of the Unified New Orleans Plan.

Our mayor talks about a market-driven recovery, but it really looks like an indifference and incompetence driven recovery. Efforts to make a plan are criticized from all sides.

We get criticized for having no plan by a president and a political party that are radically anti-plan. Multiple efforts to develop plans are ripped apart by various groups in very predictable ways: "don't move those people to my neighborhood"; "don't move my neighborhood"; "you can't make me do anything with my property." People who usually vote for the restricted property rights party suddenly become libertarians.

This is nuts.


ashley said...

The sweet potato are only available in the fall. So this means you either: 1) are going to wait until fall to puke on him, or 2) are going to eat some out-of-date pie to puke on him.

I'm guessing #2.

Leigh C. said...

Yep, with #2, there's more of a chance that the pie will come right back up.

Kelly said...

The good news is that the two times that I have had to go to Children's Hospital this year have been good experiences. So, if nothing else, our kids are in good shape. I recommend if you need emergency care yourself just to head over there ... I'm not sure that they can turn you away.

Mr. Clio said...

Ashley and Leigh, if it's for the good of my city-state, my polis, I will eat out-of-date pies.

Kelly, yes, we had a great recent experience with Children's (on Christmas Day, no less). I'm just shocked (though I shouldn't be) that things are getting worse, not better.