Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Unconscionable, So Let's Make Some Calls

Action alert: please read below, particularly the bolded section. Universal Health Services has $264 million of insurance money in hand, and has done NOTHING to rebuild or reinvest at their sites in New Orleans East and St. Bernard (or anywhere else in our community). According to their website, they are the third-largest healthcare system in the United States of America.

It's time to start calling them and asking them what's up. And if their answers are as unsatisfactory as I think they will be, we need to TELL THEM what's up.

You can call Universal Health Care at (610) 768-3300. Ask for Alan B. Miller, Steve Filton, Kevin Gross, or Debra Osteen. Those are the top four executives. I'm going to make some calls today and tomorrow and will report back. Won't you do the same?

$264 million buys a lot of healthcare facility. Thanks to the T-P for the information.

A lingering question for the community is whether hospital care will be available nearby. Both Lakeland Medical Center on Bullard at I-10 and Methodist Hospital are owned by Universal Health Services Inc., one of the nation's largest hospital operators. Both hospitals remain closed.

Officials at Universal Health Services did not return several calls to their headquarters in suburban Philadelphia. A reporter was referred to a February 2006 statement on the company's Web site that offered no updated information.

On the company's Web site, the list of facilities no longer includes the 306-bed Methodist, 54-bed Lakeland or Chalmette General, which is being demolished.

In August, Universal Health Services announced it had reached an agreement with its insurance company to settle for $264 million all hurricane-related claims tied to its four Louisiana properties: Methodist, Lakeland, Chalmette Medical and River Oaks Hospital, a behavioral health facility that continues to operate in Harahan.

Despite the insurance windfall, little restoration work is visible at the Bullard site.

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