Sunday, April 01, 2007

Florida Mourns

Please offer your condolences to Mr. and Mrs. Melpomene. From central Florida, they had to learn of the news that the New Orleans Voodoo defeated the Orlando Predators last night, 48-45. The Voodoo broke a spell in that game: they had never beaten the Predators.

Perhaps the Mels will take some solace in the Florida Gators' chance to win their third major-sport national championship in a year, as the Gators defeated UCLA (again) last night to advance to the national championship game Monday night. I just don't know if this is enough to knock the Mels out of their Arena Football induced funk.

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Brian Bordelon said...

They can revel in the victory to come Monday night when Florida dominates OSU. I can't believe the Predators lost considering the gifts the refs were throwing their way. Horrible officiating. But here in N.O. we're used to bad calls, both in sports and other arenas.