Friday, April 06, 2007

Here We Go Again

A Pennsylvanian comes to New Orleans and allegedly stages at least 17 holdups in a short period.

He is arrested by NOPD.

Here is one perspective on that story:
Seventeen holdups in a short period of time??? Boy, New Orleanians have a crime problem.

Here is another perspective:
1. It's horrible that outsiders are taking advantage of New Orleanians when they are in the struggle of their lives.
2. NOPD did a good job in nabbing the guy.

Gee, I wonder which perspective the national media will take?


LatinTeacher said...

Are you blaming Pennsylvania for the Crime Problem in New Orleans? That's outrageous.

You have to be some kind of serious jerk to come from a different state to rob people who are suffering. He could at least pretend to be a contractor...

Good grief. I am not being nice. I am glad the NOPD caught the guy. Now I hope that they actually prosecute the guy and don't let him out in 60 days.

Mr. Clio said...

Well, the prosecution part is most of the problem here. God only knows what will happen, and we can't blame Pennsylvania for that--just our racist D.A.