Friday, April 06, 2007

Hint of Resurrection Already

Okay, this is WCNO after all, so I can't remain too dark for long.

Dan Baum of the New Yorker has a GREAT post on the superiority of bikes in New Orleans, as well as the idea of "American Domination."

UPDATE: The T-P has resurrected an old picture of Lee de Fleur to highlight the Crescent City Classic's run tomorrow. Check the events part of the Lagniappe section.


saintseester said...

My husband is a cyclist (i used to be) and we are always "educating" our peers on the fact that we get part of the road! We always hear "MY GAS TAXES PAY FOR THE ROAD" and we always quietly remind them that on most of the local roads we ride, property taxes actually pay for them. So we paid our share to use them.

My husband also has a cool jersey that says "One Less Car" that he rides to work in.

gingerschnapps said...

Bummer I can't see Lee de Fleur in all his pict. on the lagniappe section in

If he runs again this year may a strong tail wind be at his back!

Hope all the Clio's have a very happy Easter.

Cade said...

Sweet photo in that article - I have to go see that for myself...