Friday, April 27, 2007

In It for the Long Haul

Like many of us, the people at Music Rising, led by the Edge, Bob Ezrin, and Henry Juszkiewicz, know that New Orleans and the central Gulf Coast won't be fixed by a quick speech in Jackson Square and a bunch of lectures about fantom money.

Sustained attention is required by all of us, and these wonderful people from way beyond our region are staying on the job. Read here about a great event that happened in New York this past week to benefit musicians and music program all around us.

I was reminded about Music Rising by the Saints' great new intro to their website, which Sainseester pointed us all to. Wow.

At the upper right here, you can download your Music Rising screensaver. (I'm happy that Clio II and Clio III were proud to buy Music Rising t-shirts at Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando.)

A wonderful day at Jazzfest today. Beautiful weather. Dr. John was magic, as were Astral Project and Bonerama.

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saintseester said...

Please stop rubbing in how much fun Jazz Fest was to those of us stuck here grading finals.

On another note, the black shirt I designed with your alter ego on it was chosen as Zazzle's Best Design of the Day. You can see it at*