Monday, April 09, 2007

Look Out, F-L-A

The Clios are invading central Florida this week.

An advance team of Dr. Mrs. Clio and the younger Clios will arrive via armored Sienna van tonight. The airborne division of Mr. Clio and Clio I will arrive Wednesday night.

Business will be transacted. Amusement parks will be plundered. Crawfish and beer will be consumed with Mr. Melpomene and Gingerschnapps.

My Disney World virginity will be lost. Argh.

NOTE: I believe the headquarters of a certain steak restaurant is now located in Orlando. Hmmmm.


Seymour D. Fair said...

Exit 98.

Leigh C. said...

Enjoy! Heh heh.

And next time, go for the Disney cruise. At least then everybody will be on the same boat...

saintseester said...

My husband said not to bother with Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. Go straight to Jasmine, she had the best costume.

Brian Bordelon said...

Eat your heart out at Ruth's. J. Mccormick said he'd pick up the tab if the ATM next door is his bank.

Stop along the way and hit golf balls in the ocean for me.

gingerschnapps said...

HOOOORRRAAAYYY!! We can't wait to see the Krewe of Clio!

Ruth's Smuth's we'll hit Flemings...he's a luno alum to boot!

Safe travels and see you Thursday.

ashley said...

I hope you took the flag.

You know what to do.