Tuesday, April 03, 2007

PM - Sydney Professor lauded for New Orleans recovery work

This is quite interesting. What do you think?


GentillyGirl said...

Oh great! Is that plan for us NOLA's moving to Mexico still around?

Maybe Blakely's "Cosmopolitan" city will make us similar to S.F., and hopefully not like Chicago.

ashley said...

Has Ed Blakely ever actually been to New Orleans, or did he just read about it in Australian grade school textbooks.

Jeez, what a simplistic view of the world's most complex city.

Cade said...

Yeah, seems pretty simple:

Whites = slave owners
Blacks = slaves cum gospel singers

Leaves out free people of color, Europeans, Americans, etc., etc., etc.

LatinTeacher said...

wow! There's a plan!

MAD said...

What a strange interview. Most curious comment was the one regarding what's in his "head". Confirms what I have suspected. The "plan" is Blakely's plan, and not that of anyone else. The plan will be what Blakely thinks it should be. That is not necessarily bad, assuming that he knows better than the rest of us, but just maybe we should also have some say so about this.

jeffrey said...

Ed Blakely: Philosopher king.