Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Whatever--Just Get the Job Done

Okay, I read this in the New York Times, and I still haven't seen anything that makes me dislike Ed Blakely. How is it that we would be better off without him? I think we're better off with him on the job, and most of what he says is dead-on right.

I REALLY liked his line that we need to abandon "the mendicant's" mentality.

Off to Orlando.


THE SAINTS SCHEDULE IS OUT! Our opener is once again on Monday Night Football. And we finish this regular season with our two playoff opponents from this year. (At Chicago on Dec. 30? It's payback time.)

NOTE TO BLAKELY: Talk to Coach Payton. He'll show you how resurrection is done.


Brian said...

I'm with you on Blakely. Time will tell, but I think he's got his head on straight.

I liked the "one-eyed man in blind City Hall" comment on Ashley's blog, btw.

And cigars work a lot better when you smoke them, rather than put them in your eye. :-)

saintseester said...

So... now I got to decide which game to try to come down for...

Maitri said...

Baby, we play Chicago on the 23rd of December at Soldier Field AGAIN. We beat them last year as we will this year and wear them down for ya.

It's nice to have not one, but two, NFL teams to love.