Monday, April 23, 2007

Why do I enjoy this idea so much?

I'm blaming it on the time of year. Several large roaches have shown up in our house over the past week or so, in various states of life--running around, or barely moving, or lifeless on their backs. In any state, they're gross.

I went to Sav-a-Center to get the usual array of Combats that do a fine job of ending the problem. Either the store was out of Combats, or they're not making them anymore.

They did have, however, a Combat gel that is dispensed through a large syringe-like instrument. You put it in various nooks and crannies in your house, and apparently the roaches eat the stuff.

But here's the best part (exact text from the directions on the box):
Roaches eat the gel and die in the nest.

Other roaches eat them and die.

That seems so efficient. Roach cannibalism.

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LatinTeacher said...

Yeah you rite, cap. How does it get better than that?