Monday, May 28, 2007

Okay, Where Do We Sign Up to Help Create the Miracle?

Here's what Gary Roberts, who's leaving Tulane for a major promotion in Indiana, said about the near-term future for our city and the prospects for keeping the Saints and Hornets:

New Orleans is a much smaller and much poorer city than it was before the storm, and it was a marginal market before the storm. The reality is that unless New Orleans pulls off an absolute miracle and comes back a richer, stronger city than before, the Saints and Hornets will eventually leave. I can't imagine the Hornets being here five years from now. The Saints could last a little longer because the economics of pro football give them more of a cushion, and this is football country.

I can't really argue with his clear-eyed perspective on our situation. It will take initiative, creativity, endurance, and tenacity to get us out of this hole. I believe we have what it takes, no thanks to Mayor Curly, President Emptysuit, and others.

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