Friday, May 25, 2007

We Have the Uniform Insignia, We Just Need to Build Us a Damn Starship

Thanks to the little sis of Where should we fire the photon torpedoes first? Also, I know where we're deploying the Genesis device: in the wetlands southwest, south, and southeast of New Orleans.


Leigh C. said...


"Delay that phaser order! Fire photon torpedoes!" the asteroid that's causing the worm hole we're stuck in.

The 'roid's name is "Bad Government".

Craig said...

FWIW, the ship has been spotted practicing evacuation prep:

pax1971 said...

Lil Sis told me that any t-shirts you make with this logo requires some kind of stipend for Big Brother. Cask, Paypal, or Visions funny money accepted.

This could also be your fantasy football logo. Your 5-year mission to have a winning record, to boldly choose running backs with bum knees, to seek out new talent and new get the gist....

ok rizzo