Friday, May 04, 2007

What a Predictable Response!

According to the federal recovery czar (or, as I prefer to call him, the Caretaker), our role as Louisianans is to grovel. Their incompetence and neglect floods our city, but we have to beg and be thankful--"mendicants" as Mr. Blakely said (and Blakely says we should NOT act as mendicants). Read Mr. Powell's letter to the T-P today, with this chilling line:

The president's commitment to rebuilding the Gulf Coast remains strong, but so does the need for Louisiana to effectively use the resources it's already been given before appealing again to the already overwhelming generosity of the American taxpayers.
I'm sick of this. It literally makes my stomach turn and churn.

By the way, I'm glad the president is committed to rebuilding the Gulf Coast. I have no doubt he wants to help his buddy Barbour. However, New Orleans is not on the Gulf Coast--although the president seems committed to making sure that New Orleans ends up on the Gulf Coast.

Somehow, posting the Caretaker's picture next to Tim Calhoun, the weird presidential candidate guy from "Saturday Night Live," makes me feel a little better. But not much.

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ashley said...

Che had the right approach with guys like this. Line 'em up...

Or maybe, we should start referring to him as the "recovery fuhrer".