Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Let's Keep Our Eye on the Ball, People

Please, is this Afghanistan? Or America? Or the Republic of West Florida?

Maybe if the Army Corps of Engineers would hang up a picture of Jesus, more people would show up and protest there. Now that's where we need more protesters.

I just don't have time or patience for this anymore. Yes, the ACLU can be pesky sometimes, but guess what? They're RIGHT on this one. Take the picture down, and let's move on. We don't have time for this silliness. The energy of 250 people could be used much better elsewhere.


bigshot said...

Amen, Clio.

Editor B said...

Agreed. Of course the real problem is not the picture itself but the mindset behind it.

pax1971 said...

The hell with the picture. What about the 'oath' you have to take before testifying? " help me God"? If you don't believe then you are forced to lie right up front before you even give testimony.

Jesus never played Bingo.

Tim said...

You don't have to take an oath to a deity and you don't have to do it with a bible. I've given testimony more than once and all you have to do is affirm that you will be fully honest with the understanding that you may be punished if you don't. Heck, even the president's oath in the Constitution does NOT include the "so help me god" part, and it allows the president to say either "swear" or "affirm."



pax1971 said...

Not in Orleans Parish civil court, or civil service court. At least not a few years ago. Believe me, I know. And that option is not made publicly known or privately known before you enter the court.