Wednesday, June 06, 2007

THANKS METAIRIE! (I'm sick of this garbage.)

Kenny Vincent's place is getting shut down in Jefferson Parish. I guess that means we'll have fewer really classy commercials on pop radio.

Anyway, a guy who apparently has made a lot of money from Kenny Vincent's Southside / Key West isn't happy about losing a source of income. Mister David Prechter made this beautiful defense:
Prechter said the club's clientele had evolved over three decades to a hip-hop crowd, which he described as predominantly African American patrons who were joined by a very small contingent of criminals. At one point, he called the group "the black element."
The upstanding Jeff Parish Council lit into Mister Prechter for this defense. And then Elton Lagasse had this to say to Mister Prechter:
"I'm so very sorry you might lose some business if we shut down Kenny Vincent's," he said. "But I can tell you what: Maybe if you're not happy here maybe you ought to go to New Orleans and live if you don't like the laws and things that we're trying to abide by here."
I'm sick of this. Why didn't he ask Prechter to go to Laplace? Or Picayune? Or Baton Rouge?

Why not ask him to go to Greece? or Bimini? or Russia?

You're asking the wrong question, Mister Lagasse.

What happened to regional solidarity? What happened to human solidarity?

That is one seriously disgusting statement, Mister Lagasse.

I don't want people like Mister Lagasse in my neighborhood. If he moved in, I would get extra locks on my doors and install a powerful alarm. I would also keep my children away from his end of the street.

UPDATE: I just left a very detailed message for Mister Lagasse with his very polite assistant.

UPDATE 2: I ate at my desk today--takeout from Dunbar's. Smothered turkey necks with greens, sweet potatoes, rice, and cornbread. And icy sweet tea with a splash of lemonade in it. Oh, man.


ashley said...

Amen, cher.

Kenny's key west was always one of those fat city landmarks, for better or worse. Sounds to me like the owner is not as responsible for this as maybe JPSO, or the JP council.

LatinTeacher said...

Kenny's Key West has always had tons of problems. I agree that blaming it on New Orleans is not the way to address this. Kenny's KW is to blame as is JPSO and the JP council (as Ashley says). Many years ago, when I was PizzaBoy and delivering pizzas, I would avoid going down that street because there were unruly, drunk, and out of control people everywhere. I believe there were even a few run-ins with police and some weapons issues. And I don't think any one at that time would have blamed New Orleans for what was going on. Clearly this is an "institutional" problem on the part of the adult establishment and not created solely by New Orleanians.

Where were you for Crawfish Fest? We had a good time but missed you.

Sherri said...

Yeah well I was one of the bartenders at Kennys Keywest and we LOVED our job. We cannot control what happens in the street at all, so I really dont think it was Kennys fault at all. If were going to blame street crime on people and have their business shutdown, we might as well close everything up, because shootings, happens everywhere and it will never stop. Kenny did everything he could to protect thos individuals in his club. Everything was fine.