Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This Is What Mr. Clio Wants to Write When He Grows Up

This post by Oyster, whom I am privileged to call friend, articulates large swaths of what I am trying to live and be these days.

It's hard to pick one part to excerpt--the passages from Schopenhauer are stirring--but here's something that stays with me:

Nietzsche tells us to deal with the churning "outer" chaos of post-Flood New Orleans by organizing the "chaos" within. That is, by becoming the person you know you should be. You don't need to worry how your current self "fits in" with the new New Orleans. You can "fit in" by being yourself. There will always be room in the New Orleans parade for authentic characters. That's the beauty of this place. There's no point in wearing a mask if you're already cloaked in a "sham self", is there?

Trust that you are still living here for the right reason. Part of you, perhaps the best part of you, is authentically New Orleans... now reach for it and discover it! In this way you will revitalize New Orleans culture, and in this very personal way you will rebuild a city like no other.

Implicit in this is the idea that New Orleans and Orleanians are not frail entities. We're not afraid of or intimidated by people being who they are. We can handle it. We might knock you (or me) back in your (or my) place if you (or I) get a little out of line, but we're all adults here. So let's be adults together and pull ourselves out of this muck. That's why I'm here, with more energy than ever, and ready for the ride of my life--one that's just getting started.


saintseester said...

I am proud to know people like y'all.

oyster said...

Likewise, to both of you.

Press on!

Anonymous said...

If NOLA is such a paradise, why can't I find a job there?

ginger schnapps said...

Clio, you are a good man and inspire those of us fortunate enough to cross your path in this life.