Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Bush Way vs. The Smart, Easy Scots Way

The Bush way to deal with terrorism is to declare a "War" and to invade and occupy a country of marginal significance in the ins and outs of Islamic fundamentalism. That's the hard way. The dumb way. The miserable way.

The Scots way to deal with terrorism is to have a baggage handler on a smoke break kick some serious terrorist ass.

John Smeaton: "You're nae hitting the polis, mate, there's nae chance," he told interviewers. "Glasgow doesnae accept this; if you come tae Glasgow, we'll set about ye."

I like the Scots way better. It's more to-the-point and much more cost-effective.

Owing to my ethnic heritage, my coloration, and my junior semester of college at Edinburgh University, there is a serious place in my heart for those people. And after seeing "Sicko," the idea of a move there is not out of the question. I'm disgusted with insurance companies. Yes, that disgusted.

You can go to and pledge a pint for the man. He's up to 1,200 pints now. (That's enough for about one quarter's worth of Saints football in the Dome for a certain row in section 635 with which I'm familiar.)

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