Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hey, Oyster, I Think You're On To Something!

Did you see this correction in today's T-P? I'm not making this up:
Vitter comments misstated: A story in Friday's editions wrongly said that U.S. Sen. David Vitter had described as incorrect stories in The Times-Picayune linking him to a New Orleans brothel. Vitter in fact said "those New Orleans stories in recent reporting" were not true. He did not specify what stories he was talking about.
Oyster is the man. Or the bivalve. Or whatever.

Vitter is not the man.

This T-P correction is Vitter's version of "it depends on what the defintion of 'is' is."

ADDITION: Here's the original T-P story to which this correction apparently refers. Here's the damning language that Vitter's people felt the need to correct:
In an appearance Monday in Metairie with his wife, Wendy, Vitter said stories in The Times-Picayune and other news organizations linking him to a New Orleans brothel in the 1990s "are not true."


oyster said...

Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Clio.

blogenfreude said...

If we don't get another Vitter revelation by the end of the week I'll be apoplectic.