Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Question

You have to have seen (or at least get the reference) to the film "Soylent Green" in order to answer this question.

Okay, the Republican approach to healthcare and retirement reaches its logical conclusion: by (let's say) 2020, there are too many unproductive and sick Americans who were just too dumb and immoral to take advantage of self-evidently brilliant GOP ideas like health savings accounts and individual retirement accounts. Thus, it's mandatory euthanasia for anyone too sick or too old to be considered a viable redblooded, car-driving Christian American.

It's your turn to snuff it for the good of the Productive Americans. You are led into the theater for your final chance at sensory pleasure. You can choose a set of scenes or a film to view silently, plus one song.

Which scenery do you choose? Which song do you choose?

Good night.


saintseester said...

Um. I don't know what movie I'd watch (maybe Ran or Metropolis), but now I am too depressed to go to sleep.

gothgate said...

Scenery: When I lived in Chicago, there was this area near the Lincoln Park Zoo that had a little pond/brook, surrounded by a beautiful green area of shady trees. There were lots of rocks to sit on comfortably and read a book. In the early summer it was warm but not hot, nice breezes. I'd take a good book and a lunch and stay there all day long.

Music: Nessun Dorma, from Turandot seems particularly appropriate.

Carmen said...

Shakira, Whenever, Wherever:

Lawdy, I love those hips.