Monday, July 16, 2007

Reggie Represented, etc.

1. The Saints won ESPN's "Best Moment" Award at the Espy's, and Reggie Bush said all the right things. Basically, he said, "We are not OK." Thanks to Number 25.

2. I'll be seeing Number 34 this week at my place of employment. I had the chance to speak to him by phone a couple of weeks ago. He seems like a great guy, and I predict a breakout year for him this year.

3. I did the Clio family's dry-erase calendar for July-August (it helps to do that when you have two jobs and four young Clios). When I got to August, good things starting turning up--such as, say, FREAKIN' SAINTS GAMES!!!! Yes! The Saints play 3 games (yes, meaningless ones) in 13 days in early August. We're almost there, people.

4. I have booked and paid for the professional conference that will place me (coincidentally, I'm sure) in Indianapolis, Indiana, from September 5 to September 7. Also, there is also a professional football game there on September 6. Please help me lobby Berto to visit his corporate HQ during that same time period. Perhaps other bloggers can arrange to be there too.


saintseester said...

I think Mike is one of the most personable players who I most want to meet! His smile is infectious.

Please represent us well in the north.

Chef Who Dat said...

Get thee and thy surly brother's Golden Spoons to the RCA Dome and wreak Who Dat havoc on the midwest.

Tim said...

I might be there to see da colts go down, too. Should be fun!