Friday, July 20, 2007

Stolen Links

1. Here's one from Blake and Ashley: the new AbsolutNewOrleans. (Clio Kids: Don't click on that link. You have to be 21.)

2. The new Saints site is up. Nice look, but it needs more content, like the cool video archives that the old one had. One thing: check out this shirt. That's not really what we're chanting when we do the Whodat thing, is it? (That's not what I chant.)

3. This clip from Robot Chicken makes me laaaauuugh.


jeffrey said...

Dude what the fuck is up with that shirt!

It might as well say "Who Dey"

I think they need to be forced to recall that shit.

ashley said...

No, we don't say dat.

saintseester said...


Love me some Robot Chicken. Don't forget Apocalypse Ponies, my personal favorite (although jar jar returns is a close second).

saintseester said...

Oh, and your little "guilt the hell out of saintseester who's sitting on her ass instead of running" meter is bothering me. Can't pin my finger on it. Oh, I know, just the fact that you have 5 runs to track.

bigshot said...

I'm waiting for my Drew Dat t-shirt.

Chef Who Dat said...

Yo. Easy Mr. C. The shirt assumes a healthy intake of Dome Foam is all. Sometimes Chef finds himself slurring that very phrase.

Nice editorial eye though.