Monday, July 30, 2007

Sure Signs of American Decline

1. We aren't prepared for a disaster in a medium-sized city that is a national treasure.

2. The allegedly macho Texans in Washington cower in fear at the prospect of showing determination, toughness, and good old American ingenuity in confronting global climate change, massive wetlands loss, and the past failures of the Army Corps of Engineers.

3. At least as important: we can't even make a good Superman movie anymore. I'm a geek, a sucker for superhero movies, so when I got "Superman Returns" from Netflix, I was ready for a good time. Boy, was I wrong. It's easily the worst superhero movie I've ever seen, and one of the two or three worst movies I've EVER seen. Oh, my. Horrible. Rotten. Disgusting.

Thing is, it could've been okay. Some interesting plot elements, cool visuals, and nice use of the old music. But the principal actors are complete duds, and the story just gets lost. And then it takes itself WAAYYY too seriously. And it violates a fundamental Superman rule, because now he seems to be able to move a whole island made of Kryptonite, whereas one cantaloupe-sized rock used to throw him for a loop.

We're doomed. We can't even follow the basic rules of Superman plot creation. Cheesh.


saintseester said...

LOL - I, too, hated Superman Returns. It spent so much time rehashing the first Superman, instead of being original. Then when the newspaper man said something along the lines of he represents "Truth, Justice, and all that other stuff." Instead of "Truth, Justice and the American Way," I too felt doom.

Hey, if you really want some doom and gloom read "The Road."

Batman Begins was pretty darn great though. So there is hope for us yet.

dillyberto said...


The Dude

Big Lebowski

Leigh C. said...

Not to mention the Dude's "Shomer fuckin' shabbos" sidekick, Walter!