Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Where Does Oyster Begin?

Who among us didn't pick up the T-P this morning, look at the headline, and think, "Oyster's not going to know where to begin on this one."

For Oyster, today is like the day for Berto when the Saints drafted Reggie Bush, or for Ashley when Sonnier dropped his plan for a restaurant on Henry Clay.


ashley said...

For the record, I could have cared less about Sonnier having a restaurant on Henry Clay or not.

It's just the fact that he tried to do a backdoor deal and trashed Midura in the process that irked me.

And if you're like me, you kept refreshing Oyster's page at night, hoping to see the new post on Vitty-cent.

Anonymous said...

HeeHee it's exactly what I thought--can't wait to read Oyster. Soon I hope

oyster said...

Thanks, Mr Clio. I had a really rough morning, until I saw the Times Pic.