Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Failing Power & Empty Promises

Hey, America, we need you to understand what it feels like to live here. See, we heard this guy's

promises in Jackson Square.

My family and I came back to NOLA, lucky enough to have a house on the sliver by the river, confident that American know-how and will would solve and save enough of the rest of this city to make it worth a go. A lot of people returned and are returning.
Well, Orleanian will and love is getting us all through it right now. American know-how and will? Not looking so good.

And then we NOLA residents see this:

Do you know what it feels like to see that when you live here? We live in the "mightiest nation on earth," and yet we know that if this thing ("Dean" it could be) comes near enough, a good bit of our city could be over.

And I feel a little like those Romans on the northern frontier who saw the first "barbarians" ("hairy ones") head into their mighty empire.

I sat at the table yesterday with the executives of a leading New Orleans business. They calmly talked about how the wrong kind of storm would wipe New Orleans out, owing to the destroyed wetlands, bad levees, and questionable pumps. No one seemed angry; they just seemed to accept it as inevitable.

It's not inevitable, and I'm angry.

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Be warned, I am coming to town next weekend....