Thursday, August 02, 2007

If You're Headed to Jackson . . .

. . . for Saints training camp, be sure to chime in at Saintseester's cool Training Camp 2007 blog.

A bunch of us were hoping to have a BlackandGoldapalooza there this summer, but that hasn't quite worked out, as most of us somehow have successfully procreated over the years and have associated summer responsibilities. However, there will be scattered sightings of bloggie types on the hallowed grounds of Millsaps College, as you can see from the posts on the blog.

Thanks to Saintseester and Chef Who Dat for keeping the momentum going over these many months.

UPDATE: The young Clios and I are unfazed in the least by Reggie Bush's attempts to keep the weak away from camp:
"Unless you are training in a sauna, I don't think there is anything that can prepare you for Jackson, Mississippi," running back Reggie Bush said at the end of organized training activities in June. "I think that's the whole point of that. You can't prepare for it."


saintseester said...

When I originally started planning on this, I was assuming there would be preseason games in Jackson, like last year. Which would have opened up several more weekends of possibility. Alas, this year, all the home games are in LA (as they should be), so that takes away several weekends they would have been in town.

I am still incredibly excited about the whole thing, and am still clinging to some bit of hope that I might be able to go over.

(The good news: my sister's husband's sister's husband came through with tickets for us for the Tenn Game in da dome. So now I have to figure out how to get from a soccer tournament in TN to New Orleans on the same day.)

Mr. Clio said...

Great news on the tix!!!

Jet plane, Saintseester, jet plane.

What part of TN?

Southwest goes nonstop from Nashville to NOLA. Just flew that route last week.

saintseester said...

Yeah, nashville. I suggested that to the husband. He said, and I don't quote: "but then on tuesday you'd have to drive home 2 hours" - meaning I would have to drive a separate car to nashville for the tourney, then drive my own ass home after partying all night because he doesn't want to come get me.

Actually, it only costs about $20 more to fly from HSV and then I don't have to drive so far home. I drove last year. Going down there was fine. Coming home Tuesday after that MNF game? I was a bit shaky, let's say.

Charlotte said...

" "Unless you are training in a sauna, I don't think there is anything that can prepare you for Jackson, Mississippi"

I laughed out loud at this.....being from MS I can tell you the humidity there is NOTHING compared to here.

Your comment about procreation gave me a laugh too. Too funny.

Jim Finks said...

After a long, mentally challenging, and especially grueling camp, we might be ready for the game.

Binoclears said...

Nice comment, Jim.

Food and Drug Administration said...

Is there something wrong with the thought of a pasty chef in a thong disgusting me?

What the !>>> with the spoon?

Not sexy, just Saints, baby.

Keep it above the waist.

Coach Joe Cullen said...

Everytime I put on a thong I spill Wendy's Chili on it!

Can't get the stains off the front or the back.

hee, hee, hee, hee, hee

Seattle Seahawks Bike Patrol said...

I suggest going to Jackson NAKED on BIKES!

Small Town Misfit said...

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