Thursday, August 30, 2007

Joe Johnson and I Were Elected to the Saints Hall of Fame Yesterday

So were you, if you're a Saints fan. Congratulations to Joe and you.

It's a nice gesture from the committee to us fans, but maybe they should've have voted in first the people who endured days in and around the Dome in 95 plus degree heat two years ago.


Chef Who Dat said...


On behalf of Cafe 641, Chef would like to bestow upon your offspring, Clio III and Cliette, tokens of appreciation for their diligent scouting service in Jackson, MS this summer.

If at all possible, please deliver them to Cafe 641 before or during the course of tonight's game (Chef would make a house call to 635, but every time he tried last year, ya'll was out getting beer).

bigshot said...

Another group of fans that deserve special praise are those select members who organized the Save Our Saints campaign in those dark days of the 2005 season. Having a plane fly around Tiger Stadium with a personal message to Sir Paul Tagliabue was no small feat.