Monday, August 20, 2007

Smooth Sailing for Now

1. Re: This Map of Computer Models.

In my best Will Smith voice (the actor, not the Saints DE):

"Where yat now, Mr. Blue Line Computer? Think ya so bad, scaring all us people in Louisiana by draping ya ugly blue self all over our state for a few days. Now you up to the same thing in Mexico, and you're not even the northernmost line! Not feeling so accurate anymore, are you, Mr. Cool?"

2. Somebody's been doing his/her homework on the Big Smooth:


Leigh C. said...

Hofstra? Hell, yes!

My fave Will Smith quote, from MIB:

"Aww, that's buullshit"

It's just the WAY he says it...

Craig said...

For homework you must write,
"I will not piss off the gods of the GFDL."
1000 times on the chalkboard.$file/I_will_not_annoy_the_GFDL.gif

Favorite Will Smith quote:
"I gotta get me one of these!"

Craig said...

Let's try it as a link:

Mr. Clio's punishment

berto said...


slides down like an unchilled belt of Jameson on a hot August evening...

more sweat on your forehead than on the glass.

Puddinhead said...

Dean threat nullified; now on to Invest 92I:

Nabil said...

Saints for a moment. What an amazing draft 2006 was, with four quality starters emerging (Bush, Colston, Evans, Harper). If they get half as much production out of the 2007 draft, it'll be another amazing draft class -- but 2006 was one for the record books.

So far so good -- please nobody get hurt!

Craig said...

Manual trackback:
Trash Talk the GFDL?