Saturday, August 04, 2007

Somebody's Been Doing His/Her Homework on Da Beerman

Nice music too.

He's STILL one of us.


ashley said...

Oh. My. God.

That is the greatest video I have ever seen in my life.

Did you see him catch those passes? Did Sean?

The only good thing about the gold jerseys.

The Beerman is the most amazing player ever to wear the black and gold. I want him back, so we can give him a proper sendoff.

saintseester said...

I believe his afterburners were tested here at Marshall space flight center.

dillyberto said...

This film does some justice to what Beerman did for Special teams. The punt and kick returns all are in the stat books.

Both Freddie Mac and Beerman used to always, ALWAYS be the first guys down on coverage.

How did they snake by blocks and put a lick on other returners consistently?

Who will duplicate this?


LatinTeacher said...

With the exception of the shots of Brooks and Haslett, that was the best Saints videos I have ever seen. I am more fired up for the season now. Except I will miss Mr. Lewis.

Chris Farley said...

Hey, Michael Lewis, remember that time you ran one back?

(Lewis) yeah

(dude) That was AWESOME!!!!!!

(Lewis) yeah

(dude) .......

Chris Farley said...

Hey, ummm, remember that time you hit the guy catching the ball on the kick?

(Lewis) yeah.

(dude) That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Man, I could watch that all freakin' day!!!! But they sure could have edited out that long ass clip of Haslett on the sideline.

Nabil said...

I'll miss some of the Haslett holdovers, especially McAfee, Lewis, and Horn. I won't second guess Payton, but let's wish the good ones well and hope the new ones pan out...