Friday, September 07, 2007

The Day After: Live Update from Indy Airport

Here are some things I learned last night:

1. The Colts played like champs, and we didn't. That was a definitive loss. However, we in New Orleans, the Republic of West Florida, know about meaningful losses. We also know how to learn from loss and how to become stronger as a result. Character counts. Attitude matters. We will Earn It. Compared to what we endured and continue to endure, this was nothing.

2. One ridiculously vulgar and obnoxious and relentless Indy fan sitting right next to Berto and me can ruin all of the goodwill generated by dozens of fun and decent Colts fans. Berto and I were relentlessly good hunored and positive with Colts fans, and most returned in kind. However, on the street I was called a dildo, told to go to hell, and so on. I learned how to treat guests via negative example.

3. The Superdome, the Sacredome, built in 1975, is a world class facility. Want to upgrade it? Fine. The RCA Dome, build much later, is merely UNO Lakefront Arena on steroids, and without the charm. People stand up a lot there because they are miserable on aluminum benches. Indy is getting a new stadium, and I'll bet the Superdome still stacks up pretty well.

4. I learned that what I love about the Saints games are the people first, and the football second. Our crowds in the Superdome are much more diverse, much warmer, and less vulgar.

5. People in Indy and at my conferene (e.g. people from all over the country) were very open to my message about the fundamental lies, broken promises, deceptions, and incompetence being perpetrated by our President, our "Recovery" Czar, and federal representatives regarding their support of a dynamic renewal in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast.


Nabil said...

Ouch -- we was spanked!

saintseester said...

Add this to your list of good things - my daughter learned what the end around was, and how to say, deuuuuuuucce like a real fan.

spocko said...

Mr. Clio and Mr. Melpomene
Maitri sent me over to you as some serious sports bloggers. I wanted to let you know what Lee Rodgers, radio host for KSFO, the official radio station for the Oakland Raiders, said this about New Orleans Saints' fans, displaced by Katrina flooding:(This was last Wed and Thursday on the two year anniversary)

Rodgers: "Maybe those people down there ought to stop their sniveling and whining and watch an example of self reliance right there in their own community."(20 sec audio link) (120 sec link for context)

According to Rodgers, "the people have been freeloading for two years are whining because the gravy train is slowing down." (audio link)

Rodgers calls New Orleans "a sewer" His co-host Melanie Morgan says that money going into New Orleans is going down "a rathole." (audio link)

On the anniversary of 1,577 dead in Louisiana and tens of thousands displaced, Rodgers said,"These transplanted New Orleanians, [in whining voice] 'Oh it's my home I gotta go back' No you don't. People have moved all over the world throughout human history. You can do it too. Get off your butt and go to work." (Audio link, 49 seconds)
( Longer audio link, 1:50 seconds)

"I don’t wanna hear anymore of this crap from people in Louisiana saying “Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmee. Shut the hell up. Solve your own problems. It’s been two years, grow up."

I have more audio clips and transcripts at Spocko's Brain.,
I'd like you to spread this around to Saint's fans, Saints management and the local Saint's radio stations, especially call in sports radio. Could you please do this. Send them some audio links in advance to prove I'm not making this up. This is really some sick trash talk and I think that the Saint's Fans will want to let the Oakland Raider's fans know that their offical radio station has really crossed a line.

BTW, Loki at Humid City and Scout at First Draft are friends of mine if you want to know who I am.

Brian "Mr. Glitter" Bordelon said...

Very good post. I can see you on that street shaking his hand. Very nice.