Thursday, September 27, 2007

Deutsches Haus Commences Oktoberfest Tomorrow

Have you ever been to this amazing German New Orleanian tradition?

If there is a more inexplicable fest in a more inexplicable location anywhere on Planet Earth, I'd like to see it.

One thing: I've brought kids before, and it just doesn't work. It's just too crowded, and the kids and Dr. Mrs. Clio and (ultimately) me end up having a bad time.

Leave the kids at home, go to this wonderful, wunderbar experience, and enjoy.


Ginger Schnapps said...

my favorite time of the year...march around to the theme of Hogan's Heroes for me!

Ray said...

Dat's a Belgian-style beer with a French name, brewed in Canada, but don't let that suck the Deutchsland out of your Uber Alles.

A Little to the Left said...

I am so excited, this will be my first Oktoberfest! How much does one have to spend to have a good time? I'm going more for the beer than the food.