Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dispatch from Indianapolis

1. This post may be influenced by alien influences.

2. I am not making this up: At 6:45 p.m. EST, I walked out of the Embassy Suites onto the streets of Indy. I was looking for a place to eat.

Who did I walk into? Archie and Olivia Manning.

I was dumbfounded, but I acted smooth. "Mr. Manning, it's so good to see you here."

I shook his hand, and nodded at Mrs. Manning.

He said, "Hi. How ya doing?"

I said, "You can't lose tomorrow night." I immediately felt stoopid.

He replied (something like): "Well, we'll see."

I said, "Well, yes, it is your son after all."

And then we each went our way.

I ended up eating at St. Elmo's, which is the same place the Manning ate.

What was beautiful was that I observed Archie and Olivia walk right past Ruth's Chris as they went to St. Elmo's. (You know, Ruth's Chris is run by cowards. Their sizzling steaks are ruined by the disgusting human beings who run the company, now located in Orlando.)

Here's the weird part:

I now understand all those pictures from the early 60s of those teenage girls weeping after they got close to the Beatles.

Because, readers of worldclassneworleans, I have to tell you:

After I shook Archie Manning's hand, I walked very quickly up the street to get ahead of him and Miss Olivia.

You know why?

Because I got tears in my eyes.

You see, people, you don't understand. I was born in 1966. When I came of NFL age, in, say 1975, Archie Manning was God. Even better, my Dad hated the Saints, so Archie was God, the Antichrist, and Capn Crunch (also banned from my house) all rolled into one.

I almost wept in the streets of Indianapolis, because I shook hands with Archie Manning.

That's enough for now.


ashley said...

That's just too cool.

saintseester said...

Wow! You are so lucky!

My brother wept when we met Archie in the Hyatt Regency in 1980.

saintseester said...

PS - don't be calling nobody for bail money. Because we need it for our beer.

Chef Who Dat said...


Ray said...

Not even with Crunchberries?

Now I'm starting to tear up.

ashley said...

I hated crunchberries.

Leigh C. said...

Wow, man. That is the coolest, meeting Archie and Olivia.

Enjoy the gane tonight!

ashley said...

Did you *see* St. Elmo's fire? Was Rob Lowe there?