Monday, September 17, 2007

How to Fix the Saints (2-minute drill)

NOTE: This is my last Saints-related post until we are at .500 or above. It's not that I won't care until we're winning; it's just that I want to start focusing on other things. I've been too Saints-heavy lately.

1. Fix the levees, restore the wetlands, and stop building slab-grade housing in low-lying areas. (This is the first solution to ALL problems in south Louisiana.)

2. Cut former LSU Tiger Devery Henderson. He has no heart. He has no hands.

3. Use Deuce A LOT more. Stop pulling him out of the game in favor of Reggie or Stecker. We need the momentum and heart that Deuce gives us.

4. Read the riot act to former LSU Tiger coach Gary Gibbs. His schemes result in long pass success for the other team. In addition, ever since he showed up, we can't buy a turnover.

5. Give Reggie Bush a patience infusion. Cheesh, dude. Trust your blockers. Show some vision like Deuce, not like Vaughn Dunbar.

6. Cut Jason David. I'll take Jason Craft or Fred Thomas over the guy with two first names. He's bad. And he's tiny. That's a lethal combination in the NFL.

7. Did I mention "Cut Devery Henderson"?

8. Throw the ball to Colston BEFORE we're down by 21.

9. Throw the ball downfield.

10. Did I mention "Use Deuce A LOT more"?

11. Change Olindo Mare's number from 2 to any other unused number. 2 is cursed for the Saints.

12. Re-sign Michael Lewis. OR give Reggie Bush the Beerman's old number (84), so we can lay this whole running back thing to rest.


Howie Luvzus said...

What happened to all those good receivers from pre-season?

You forgot to mention CUT DEVERY HENDERSON. Otherwise good list.

jeffrey said...

No no no. Cut (or trade) Bush. Devery is a streaky guy and probably always will be. Fine. He's not the number 2 receiver. Patten is. But he's the only deep threat on the field so he has to stay involved.

Bush, on the other hand is an over-hyped, overrated jerk. A few T-P writers this morning hit on a potential crisis of confidence with this team as it tries to recover from an 0-2 start. I think Reggie, who has always been a pampered golden boy and who doesn't know how to handle adversity is the main problem there.

After Devery dropped that touchdown early in the game, Payton benched him. After Bush killed a drive with his bratty shove of Cato June after the whistle, he should have been benched.

Devery made a mistake on a difficult play. Bush was just being an asshole. I think that's just poor judgement on Payton's part not to see the difference.

jeffrey said...

I think you're on to something with Gibbs. Although, I think the D is badly outclassed talentwise.

saintseester said...

Holla. A bit off topic here, but coach called me and said to bring some seester luck down on Monday. We'll be there. I also have my own currency (the fleur coins) - if you want we need to meet up somewhere before entering the dome. I have no idea (as usual) where our seats are this time. Last year we sat in 100 something. And it took way too long to get to your section and back once inside. I gotta find Ashley and Chef, too, 'cause I got coins for them.

saintseester said...

Standing Tall.

Mr. Clio said...

I just don't have any patience for "streaky guys" anymore (except for Coach Joe Cullen, heh heh).

Devery just isn't there most of the time in the clutch. He's not aggressive; he waits for the ball to come to him, then drops it a third of the time. Not good enough. Lance Moore and T Copper are better than he is. Period. Heck, I'd take Donte Stallworth over Devery.

I can't argue with you about Reggie and about Coach's double standard with him.

jeffrey said...

I have my problems with Copper, but it would seem that Moore should get more playing time. The guy owned the pre-season and certainly could have earned a greater role... like Colston last year. Don't you look at him and see a potential Steve Smith?

Mr. Clio said...

That's EXACTLY what I see. He's a Steve Smith clone. I was just saying that last week.

Clay said...

One critique: one of the Tampa Bay players eye-gouged Deuce early in the game. His eyebrow was bleeding and his face swelled up so much he was blind in one eye. Refs didn't call it.

I'd like to see using one of our safeties at cornerback. Kevasharim, maybe. Experiment. Could be interesting.

Other than that, just be patient. In Payton, we trust.