Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mancuts, etc.

Okay, I alienated a best friend (angels and saints and bears oh my) and a favorite blogger with this post.

Look, I was just trying to avoid certain problems that certain bloggers might have when they, let's just say, are married to someone who might not like them hanging out with people of another gender, even if it's not really an issue, and oh I just went on too long on this, didn't I?

But look, let's just call it moot.

Angels and saints and bears oh my gave me the wonderful term "mancuts" to describe what we need to do on Saturday. Look, I can't help it if Aidan Gill is a mancuts only place. I just report the news; I don't make it. (Hey, angels babe, if you were here, you'd be in, of course.) And Aidan Gill serves you a libation before you get the cut.

Anyway, I want to book the appointments tomorrow. So here it is: Saturday, September 22, sometime in the late morning or afternoon, who's in for mancuts and shaves, in anticipation of the big Monday Night Whodat Fest versus the Houston Oilers, er, Tennesee Titans?

So far, I think we have me, Berto, Oyster, Ashley and his son Da King. Who else?


Chef Who Dat said...

Yo, Dilly. The Chef has been growing all sorts of hair long for the occasion. And will bypass his offspring's all-star baseball tourney for the sacred cut. Get Chef on the list.

Just need time.

saintseester said...

One thing you gotta know about me - I don't get all hyped up about man stuff. I really don't. Does my boss play golf with a coworker and not invite me cause i'm a girl? yeah. Do I care? No. I am just not insecure that way. Although the other women I work with are hysterical upset about it. WTF? Just Be good at what you do and you'll go far.

My feminist mantra is: Men are not the enemy. Leave 'em the f*** alone when they want to hang out.

So, uh, no. You in no way alienated me, bub.

angels, saints and bears oh my said...

I think that I was the alienated party...I pitched a little fit when I felt left out. You have made up for it now. I think it is a good idea. I am gonna get my own mancut here on the left coast. Just raise a glass to me since it will be my birthday and will certainly be there in spirit...a gender neutral category according to my learning.