Monday, September 17, 2007

Mancuts Update and Nitty Gritty

Okay, here goes:

1. I'm trying to set up the reservations at Aidan Gill. I will be calling Kathleen there with the final count. I have so far: Ashley, Rey, Berto, Oyster, and Chef.

If anyone else wants to add on, feel free.

I need to know what each of you wants (shave, haircut, or both. And none of it is anywhere near two bits.) Post a comment or email me by early tomorrow morning.

2. Gents, unlike our football team, Clio II has in fact been EARNING IT at his boarding school in Alabama. In fact, with unexpected rapidity, he has earned a weekend visit from Dr. Mrs. Clio and me this weekend. This is a very recent development. It would break his heart if I didn't go, so unfortunately I cannot attend the mancuts session on Saturday. Berto says that the show must go on, and so I am happy to make your reservations.

I plan to go on Monday during lunch or after knocking off, so that I too will be free and clear of 0-2 hair and whiskers by gametime.

Let me know by tomorrow a.m. so I can make the reservations.

Thanks, Mr. Clio


Ashley said...

Shave and haircut for me, the "first haircut" package for Rey.

Chef Who Dat said...

Chef's still on -- and applauds Dilly for the commitment to family and Berto's commitment to mancuts. Will need only haircut and would prefer sometime before noon -- but can do any time.

Leigh C. said...

BUT...will it only cost two bits? I highly doubt it if it's at a place like Aidan Gill's.

saintseester said...

Aw, Rey's first man cut? How super special!

Mr. Clio said...

Leigh, By "nowhere near two bits," that was exactly my point. It WAAAYYY more expensive.

Every now and then, even a bum like me thinks it's worth it.

Not John Edwards haircut worth it, but worth it.

Berto said...

The chin is in.

I wish to trim the hairs of my chinny, chin chin only.

(not much growth on the top.)

saintseester said...

I just realized - I am going to be in Nashville on Friday and Saturday. Perhaps I can bring some bad mojo up to the titans home base?

Chef Who Dat said...

You got a time yet?