Monday, September 03, 2007

A Proposal: Preparation for the Saints' First Home Game on 9/24/2007

I may be wading into gender politics on this one, but I have an immodest proposal for gentlemen Saints fans who read this blog, as well as their gentlemen friends.

In addition, I am a Coach Payton disciple, so I firmly believe in one game at a time. I am not making predictions about the Saints' record this year or their future. I only know that they are 0-0 right now and that I am only preparing concretely for the Indianapolis Colts.

However, logistics demand that (as the Saints probably already have their practice schedule planned for the run-up to the Tennessee Titans) we must at least get our calendar in order. So here it is:

Catholics have Lent. Muslims have Ramadan. Native Americans have the Sweat Lodge.

I suggest that a group of us gentleman Saints fans have a Weekend of Preparation for the Monday Night Return to the Dome. It would go something like this:

Friday evening, September 21: On your own: have a cocktail or beer, watch Saints highlights on You Tube or your DVD or DVR player.

Saturday morning, September 22: A group of us amass at Aidan Gill for Men for haircuts, shaves, and general camaraderie.

Sunday, September 23: Co-ed event: Pre-game nutritionalizing. Monday evening will probably be a difficult night for our bodies, particularly organs such as the liver and the vocal cords. Thus, we should plan a legitimately healthy meal together, which would include actual fruits and vegetables (which apparently are banned from the Dome, unless you count sauerkraut). Lots of spring water should be consumed too. Also, just enough alcohol to warm one up. We need to be ready. Coach wouldn't expect anything less, nor would Hollis Thomas. (Meal could also include Buddy D. impersonations, readings from great works of Saints literature, etc.)

Monday, September 24: Game Day. You know what to do. As Coach says, it's easy to get up for Game Day. Champions are made on the other six days of the week.

Any takers? Any interest? If so, we need to get this going now. I can book the appointments for Aidan Gill. Let me know in the comments or via email.


saintseester said...

Stomping my lil feminist foot over here. Sniff. Ah well, we'll have our own game day ritual. Perhaps manis/pedis and shrimp poboys.

Anyone know a good nail shop near the Windsor Court?

Mr. Clio said...

Now, you see, your last sentence is more like it. Also, I should point out that the Sunday meal should include significant others. I'll edit to include that.

Angels, Saints, and Bears oh my said...

I just don't see why women couldn't do the first two me make sense of this. You are letting me down here. I mean, maybe this means that you will be too busy with "mancuts" on the 22nd to give one of your best girl-friends a call on her birthday. Since when did Saints fandome become a male enterprise for you???

oyster said...

I'll participate.

Lil Hap said...

Sign me up

Berto said...

Okay, sign ME up

Lil Hap still is rather short on the hair.

Shorter than I am, yes

Chuck Norris said...

Aidan Gill?


His shears broke when my beard traveled to New Orleans on vacation.

I was in Denver.

ashley said...

I'm there.

As a plus, I will either go 1) completely clean shaven or 2) if the cats at Aidan Gill can carve a Fleur de Lis in my beard, I'm in.

Possibly, I will bring future Saints star Rey d'Orleans for his first haircut.

Ray said...

I highly recommend Jennifer at Aidan Gill, if y'all decide to do this.