Sunday, September 30, 2007

Schadenfreude Sunday

"From Hell's heart, I stab at thee... For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee..."
Captain Ahab; also, Khan Noonien Sing

We have crummy levees; we've been taken to the cleaners by our pathetic president, our mediocre governor, and our clownish and lazy mayor. Oh, and our football team is 0-3.

The Saints are guaranteed NOT to lose this weekend (Yay! for the first time since last month), so today is the perfect day to revel in others' misery.

1. Here's to all the LSU fans who had to change their pants at halftime yesterday because they had made a mess in them between the hours of 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Tulane stuck it to the Tigers in the first half, beat the heck out of their quarterback, and threatened their doomed dream of a perfect season. Yes, LSU won 34-9, but still . . .

1a. By the way, I find this amusing: if you polled LSU Tiger Nation and asked them whom they voted for in the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004, I have no doubt that it would come out 75 percent Dubya, 25 percent Democratic. This from a fan base whose lives are devoted to a government-funded, free-market distorting institution. These are the same people who scoff at the idea that anyone from hated New Orleans deserves any claim on the American government or the American people, despite our city's destruction due to American-designed and constructed levees.

UPDATE: Congrats to LSU for their new ranking of Number One. It took a victory over a quality, world-class opponent like Tulane for the Tigers to reach their promised land. Temporarily.

2. Here's to the San Diego Chargers, who fired a good head coach and now are complete losers, having given up a lot of points to the woeful Kansas City Chiefs.

3. Here's to the St. Louis Rams, who are 0-4. Serves 'em right for hiring Jim Haslett and Rick Venturi.

4. Here's to Jamarcus Russell, who watched from the bench as Daunte Culpepper played a good game and delayed even further Russell's entry onto an NFL field.


saintseester said...

My schadenfreude: Auburn remembered to bring their game plan this week and knocked off Florida.

angels, saints, and bears oh my said...

Hey - how about a shout out for those California Golden Bears! #3 in the country, with a game against #2 in our near future on our home turf. I am starting to have Sugar Bowl dreams...

Craig said...

@1 - Sweet... Let's all pull together now. Class-lessness doesn't become you!

There are other takes on that game...

ashley said...

Maybe the Rams could hire Carl Smith. Or if he's not available, they could hire Carl Smith's mullet.

LatinTeacher said...

I am glad I didn't have to deal with the LSU fans at the dome. They really seem to have a chip on their soldier. I guess it's because Tulane has had an unblemished record once in the last 50+ years. I have two rules : 1) When I am away from home, everything in Louisiana is better than anything anywhere else. 2) When I am home, LSU stinks.

Craig said...


I had a conversation about this exact topic today. I made two points: 1) to an extraordinary degree, people see exactly what they wish to see, and, 2) Obnoxious football fans are easy to find, they're just easy to ignore if they're OUR fans.

Thanks for proving both points in one short post.

Folks, internecine quarrelling is critical, just critical to a failed recovery. Almost as deadly as overwhelming bureaucracy.

LSU sucks.
Tulane sucks.

Let's keep this up, and we'll deserve the name of this blog - minus the "CL".

Mr. Clio said...

World Ass New Orleans. It has possibilities . . .

A little football banter isn't going to hurt a recovery. However, maybe this has gone places I didn't want it to go.

I was just trying to smirk a little at human self-contradiction. I was also trying to stir a little trouble, I guess.

The self-contradiction is easy to find on both sides--e.g. pointy-headed intellectual Tulane, filled with kids from the Northeast, Tulane, which was explicity founded to educate white Louisiana men.

Look, LSU's a frontrunner in football these days. That breeds arrogance in LSU fans vulnerable to it, and snarkiness in others (like me). My snarkiness was jumpstarted when the Saints were playing in Tiger Stadium and Louisiana people were cheering for Nick Saban against the Saints, after Saban had snubbed our state. Yuck. That day, LSU fans struck me as the guy whose girlfriend runs off on him, disses him, and the guy still wants her. Or the woman who keeps going back to the abusive husband.

Bottom line: when LSU played Oklahoma and took the championship, nobody was pulling harder for them than I. Now that they're the frontrunner, the heavily financed big state U program, I think it's okay to poke a little fun. A little.

And Craig, you're definitely not the intended target. You've got your head on right.

Now, I hope the Tigers go stick it to that even more heavily financed state U in Gainesville.

And here's looking forward to baseball season.

Brian "Mr. Glitter" Bordelon said...

What state financing for LSU athletics? I think you have your facts wrong. LSU sports generates more revenue in this STATE than Tulane TUITION. I think your problem is the same one all New Orleanians have: If the money doesn't come directly to the New Orleans coffers, it isn't for a good cause.

No one was worried Tulane would pull off any type of upset. An 11am game for any Tiger football team is just ridiculous, for the fans and players. But the Tigers overcame the obstacle, Tulane made a fortune in revenue from TV and Tiger Athletics, and we now have New Orleans Tulane fans doing what New Orleanians do the best: Brag about our mediocre product that sometimes barely makes a mark in the grand scheme of things. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO GROVEL.

And those Saints fans at the Tiger Stadium game cheered Saban because most of the fans were from Baton Rouge, or LSU country, and gave the man his due respect for his accomplishments in that stadium. They weren't cheering against the Saints. The New Orleanians that are so adamant about "recovery" couldn't be bothered to come to a game in Tiger Stadium.

I have watched more Tulane student and Tulane-"educated" doctors kill more patients than I care to remember behind the doors of the MER at Charity. The common edict all medics shared with patients was "don't get shot on a Tulane day".

I enjoy your blog, but this was a truly classless post aimed at LSU fans from an elitist. Or at least that's the way it read. If you are really going to proclaim "World Class" in your title, you have to be able to handle rudeness off the familiar bike path.

I'm starting to think those fans in Indy gave you hell because they smelled weakness. Get it together, son. Don't grovel. You're more man than that.

Mr. Clio said...
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Mr. Clio said...

I would think Saban's more recent behavior would prove what an uninteresting person he really is. Bear Bryant is interesting. Joe Paterno is interesting. Bobby Bowden is interesting. Saban is not. (Nor is former Tulane coach Tommy Bowden, for the same reasons.)

Where did I dis Baton Rouge? Where did I object to tax money going other places besides NOLA?

As a New Orleanian, I have had things said to me in Chicago, Hammond, Indianapolis, Baton Rouge, and Kenner that resembled what Jews in Germany probably heard circa 1936. My little trashtalk about a football game is nothing compared to being told you shouldn't exist, you deserve what you got, you people are scum, plow your stupid city under, etc. I can take all that, trust me, but don't begrudge me a little trashtalk about a football game and a select group of fans who are nasty pieces of work.

If you read my measly three paragraphs carefully, you see that I never once tag all LSU fans--only the haters, the "Tigers for Bush" who think the feds have done a great job on levees and recovery and that NOLA people should just accept criminal negligence and mediocrity and shut up. (And no, I don't accept mediocrity. Tulane lost. That sucks, and they deserved it because they refuse to put a quality football program on the field.)

Yeah, I know Nagin sucks, Jefferson's a crook, etc. I'm doing everything I can about that.

By the way, if you know of Tulane medical professionals whose negligence has harmed people, you shoud report them to the appropriate authorities. If you are not, you are failing us all. (That's a "disappointing" comment you made sir, especially here. If you know stuff like that, you've had plenty of chances to say that to me in the past. You know who helps put dinner on my table.)

In the end, it was a really entertaining game, David vs. Goliath. Goliath got up off the turf after some miscues and kicked butt. The whole spectacle was fun. I'm glad the "rivalry"--it barely deserves the name--is renewed.

"Elitist"???? "Elitist"???? A Gretna/Algiers boy who busts tail in St. Bernard Parish for 7 years and who sit in section 635 might be many objectionable things, but elitist ain't one of 'em.