Sunday, September 09, 2007

Supa Saint Tragedy Averted

We already had enough tragedy Thursday night, and then I encountered this comment on Haney's blog. Thank goodness things turned out okay:

Sorry to announce Supa nearly ended his life last night. He was seen throwing himself off of the roof of the St. Bernard Civic Center. Luckily his beautiful hair provided enough cushion protect his inteligent brain from being crushed.

He has the weight of the world on his broad, well-developed shoulders and he wanted me to write his fans to express his sorrow. He feels he let the fans down by not properly preparing the team before entering this blood bath of a game. He feels confident he can right the ship and turn this pirog around. Hang in there trouts.-

Supa's Intern number 3
Posted by: Supa Saint's
Intern Sep 7, 2007 12:14:52 PM


saintseester said...

Let me get this straight Mr. Stealth. You were 15 minutes away from me and didn't give a holler? Man, we had beer. We had LSU on the high def.

Well. I still hope you had a nice time. We go hiking up there. Lots and lots of geocaching around. Hell my husband rode his bycycle up there and back this weekend.

Hope you and yours had a nice visit.

Chick in the Huddle said...

I'd be lying if I said I didn't check to see if my fleur-de-lis pendant was sharp enough to break some wrist skin.

Tim said...

Well I called you and tried to hook up. My group wandered around Indy on game day, we spent some time at the concert but they weren't serving beer. In fact, they weren't serving anything on the street! Who throws a party and then doesn't serve food or drink? So we ended up a a joint called Bodacious Bar-B-Q one street over from Faith Hill and Kelly Clarkson until game time.

We found the people very nice. Most people were polite, only a hand full of idiots, and many actually came up to us after the game to console us. "Don't worry, you guys have a great team and you'll have another great season," was common. We went out to eat after the game which I warned my friends would be difficult. They just don't understand that these midwestern towns go to sleep at 10, especially on week nights. We managed to find Steak and Shake and ate diner-style food.

Notice that I skipped writing about the game itself. Wasn't much of a game anyway since only one team showed up to play.