Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another View

NoPickles has a hardhitting critique of the T-P's take comparing Katrina and the Levee Failures with the SoCal Wildfires. It's worth a read. When NoPickles really gets going, he can be exasporating. He might even make fun of your teeth. But he always makes you think in a slightly new way. You always end up in a better place in the end, even if you find yourself checking your pearly whites in the mirror after.

One important point he makes is that we will all benefit from what FEMA (and even the President) learned from the failure in our backyard. Hopefully, our state and local officials learned too, and continue to learn from the current troubles in Cali.

I still think perspectives like Jon Stewart's are useful. Last night he said comparing the two disasters is like comparing apples and orang . . . DRAGONs.


Craig said...

Yes! It was awesome.

Great minds...I'm thinking a lot of folks will be blogging the same kinds of thoughts today.

Shadow said...

Everybody is happy right!? Thank you for posting this!

Brian "Mr. Glitter" Bordelon said...

Thanks for the props Mr. Clio