Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Linebacker Sighting

I spotted Number 55 in Whole Foods this evening, so I walked over and spoke with him.

I was wearing my Hofstra football T-shirt, which amused him. He was a nice fellow. We discussed mutual disappointment about the Cal Bears' "blowing it" this weekend. I told him how much my friend angels and saints and bears likes him and how her family members had been at the Cal Bears game this weekend.

Mrs. Number 55 was with him. Mr. and Mrs. Number 55 are expecting a child; it appears they will be parents very soon. Perhaps Little Number 55 will join the legion of other Saints players' children who grow up to play football in New Orleans area schools.

A good day in World Class New Orleans.

The world looks so much better after a win.


Michelle said...

Oh, Oh, Oh! 55 is always a good sighting.

Soon you say . . . maybe that would convince the husband to move to NO if I told him our kid-to-be could play football with 55's kid.

Leigh C. said...


Chris Farley said...

Dilly: Hey #55, remember that time you sacked Hasselbeck?

#55: Yeah.

Dilly: That was AWESOME.

#55: Yeah.

Chef Who Dat said...

"so I walked over and spoke with him" and "we discussed mutual disappointment about the Cal Bears' . . ." That don't cut it, Dilly. To make this story completely believable, we'll need your opening line, your closing line, and how exactly you phrased the "congrats on the Fujita roll to be" line. Any more details?

Still, a good day indeed.