Friday, October 05, 2007

LSU is #1

Tulane is not.

That's what I have to say on the relative merits of two football teams.

For criticizing a certain kind of LSU fan--certainly not all LSU fans--I was accused of elitism, weakness, spreading tuberculosis, and causing the federal deficit.

My tone was out of line. However, I intended no offense to the many decent Tiger fans.

Also, yes, LSU athletics is a revenue generator, but LSU as an institution is indeed a taxpayer-funded institution. So, no, I am not misinformed on that basic fact. There is nothing wrong with being a taxpayer-funded institution, nor do I object to my tax dollars going to LSU. Nowhere in the offending post did I complain about that.


Mike VI said...

That's crap!

LSU is not a taxpayer-funded institution.

It is a shrine.

Egnineering Grad said...

LSU fans do have a level of elitism far beyond the comprehension of the Tulane fan.

LSU is the flagship university.

We be wavin flags

Gubmint money said...

How about that engineering at Tulane?

Oh, yes.

No tax payers to foot the program, eh?

Quote from ex-latin teach said...

If you can't go to college go to state.

saintseester said...

I do have an opinion. I graduated from Tulane and my husband went to LSU (for 1 year), yet I must refrain... Because he might see it here and get all mad and stuff.

back to bidness - go saints, go nola!

Craig said...

Thanks for this post!
Sadly, I don't have enough time (I have a VMWare certifcation test @ 1PM and I'm cramming) to fully comment here.

It's your blog, of course, but I would humbly ask you to allow everyone to view the original entry and replies.

I'm comfortable with, stand by what I wrote, and am fully confident that any reasonable reading of them would find them edifying. However, reading your translation of them makes me pissed off at myself for whatever evil thing I wrote. The dichotomy will soon make my head explode.

Hep me, please!

Andrew Speaker said...

I believe the tuberculosis part.

Green Wabe said...

You caused the federal deficit?

Then you can buy me a beer for the Army game

Holy Cross said...

Decent Tiger fans?

bigshot said...

Generally speaking, there's far too much insecurity among LSU boosters, especially those LSU boosters in the Louisiana legislature. Who can forget the ridiculous fuss they've made over the last three decades over the University of Southwestern Louisiana changing its name to the University of Louisiana. As a young kid growin' up in Lafayette, I'll never forget in the mid 1980s when USL changed all its signage to show its new name UL, only to have the Legislature call a special session and order all the signage and letterhead changed back to USL.

Then they insisted that in order for USL to change its name to UL it must put on the town modifier of Lafayette and get one other state university to do the same even though the state University in Lafayette is nearly twice the size of any other university, except LSU, within the state system. Any why? Because we can only have ONE flagship and we wouldn't want to confuse anyone or unnecessarily drain resources. Of course there must be a flagship, but that doesn't mean we should have only one state university that has a name and reputation that appeals to students outside the state!

And somehow watching all that unfold played a large role in my refusal to apply to LSU and attend Loyola instead. I'm glad it worked out that way, but I still wish LSU could just be without all the insecurity about its place in the state.

Nabil said...

What did you say? I missed it completely....