Friday, October 26, 2007

The President is a World Class A** Coverer

President Bush, to the Associated Press, explaining the difference he sees between post-levee failure New Orleans and wildfire-stricken southern California:

"It makes a significant difference when you have somebody in the statehouse willing to take the lead."
It also makes a difference when you have a President now trying to make everyone forget his colossal failure in managing the worst manmade disaster in American history. I find President Bush to be incredibly motivated these days when it comes to disasters.

Please note: I don't remember President Bush proactively calling Louisiana's governor and doing everything he could. We learn from the NY Times that the President just couldn't wait to call Governor Terminator to find out what he needed:

Mr. Stanzel said Mr. Bush and the governor, mindful that a presidential visit could drain police resources from a state already pushed to the limit, determined that Thursday would be the best day for Mr. Bush to go. But he began offering help as early as 4 p.m. Monday, calling Mr. Schwarzenegger rather than waiting for the governor to call him.

He told Mr. Schwarzenegger to call him back “if there were any additional needs,” Mr. Stanzel said, and about an hour later, the governor did, to ask for military assistance and alert Mr. Bush that a request for the president to declare a state of emergency would probably be forthcoming. Mr. Bush authorized the declaration before leaving the West Wing;
it was announced later by the press office, presumably while the president slept.

I DO remember President Bush criticizing Governor Blanco because she didn't jump through the right hoops or ask EXACTLY the right question. For the federal flood, the President's public stance was essentially, "Well, she didn't call me and fill out the right forms, and she wasn't specific enough about her requests."

What a cynical, negligently homicidal jerk.

P.S. I'm no Blanco fan, but I just can't take this guy anymore. If, like an insurance company, I had to ascribe a percentage blame to Bush, Blanco, and Nagin when it came to post federal flood fault, I do it like this: Bush 40 percent, Nagin 40 percent, Blanco 20 percent. I'm no Blanco fan, but I thought she was better than our two "market-driven recovery" idiots.


Anonymous said...

History will be a good deal kinder to Gov. Blanco than the many critics have been. Because of being both a Democrat and a woman she has had to jump through more hoops than Jindal will have to in order to win people over. Moreover, because of the notion of the Blanco administration having been so horrible Jindal will be given even more of a honeymoon period.

Brian "Mr. Glitter" Bordelon said...

Did anyone realize that the California National Guard wasn't available to help in the emergency because most of them are in IRAQ? So units from Wisconsin, Illinois, and other states had to be called in to help. Just like during Katrina. Most of our units had just returned from IRAQ and were sent to NOLA immediately, and rightly so.

I think the impetus for Bush's comments were to deter the questions as to why the NATIONAL GUARD is not available in times of crisis for it's own state. The National Guard is becoming, under Bush, a defacto Army Reserve. Shameful.

Air units in California were severely underequipped and ill prepared to fight a major blaze, and planes came from other areas (states) to help. Thankfully the fires were abated with (as of last report) only one fatality. As much as we would like to have FEMA respond to us during Katrina the way they helped the Californians, we as a culture are happy that the devastation in that area wasn't worse. I hope the people affected by the fires have a much speedier and easier recovery than we have suffered through.