Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sports Roundup

The U10 girls' soccer team I coach won their first game yesterday, 5-2, to bring us to 1-2 on the year.

LSU won in one of the better games I've ever seen.

USC lost, putting the Cal Bears in a very interesting position.

Finally, Tulane did the patriotic thing by taking a dive against Army.

Is a Saints win to much to ask?


Craig said...

The saints will deliver. We're recording it because we have catechism @ 12.

Pete Morris said...

From a fellow youth soccer coach (Boys U8) out here on the west coast, congratulations on the big win!

Also, congratulations to the Tigers, whose victory this week matched (if not surpassed) the thrilling win my Cal Bears pulled off in Oregon a week ago. There is still A LOT of football left to play, but a Sugar Bowl showdown between Cal and LSU would be worthy of the "national championship" label.

A lot of us Bears fans are still pretty sore at Les Miles for his disparaging comments re: the Pac-10 this summer. But believe me, there's a ton of respect for the SEC out here, and we'd all love the challenge--not to mention the opportunity to visit your beautiful city.

So, with that potential dream date between the West and Gulf coasts in mind, let me say:
Go Bears! and Geaux Tigers!

P.S. The Saints' Scott Fujita remains one of my favorite Golden Bears of recent memory.

Leigh C. said...

Woohoo! Go Stingrays!!!!