Monday, October 15, 2007

"They are people of hellfire and I have no concern for them."

This is a lovely quote from a young man in North Carolina.


What is really telling, however, is that if I tell you that he writes like this and is from North Carolina, a plausible conclusion might be that he is an evangelical Christian.

He's not. He's a Muslim (of a certain kind).

Among the scourges of our species are people who know exactly what "God" wants and are messengers for God's chosen messenger/incarnation/manifestation (Jesus, Mohammed, et al).

When you "know" what "God," wants, anything goes. Anything is possible.

I will no longer listen passively to lectures/homilies from people who know what God wants. They're lying.

A faith life is guesswork, and any "guess" that involves cruelty to others is a lie--puffed-up self-promotion.

It is amusing and sad that the Americans who beat their chests most prominently about fundamentalist Islamists are the same Americans who give aid and comfort to Christians of similar ilk.

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